Fair Housing Essentials: 10 Key Factors for Homeowners and Tenants. Know Your Rights and Stay Safe!

Jul 19, 2023

As a homeowner or tenant, it is important to know your rights when it comes to fair housing. Discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, and familial status is illegal under the Fair Housing Act. Here are 10 key factors to keep in mind to stay safe and protected:

1. Understand the Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act was passed in 1968 to protect individuals from discrimination in the housing industry. It is important to understand what is and is not allowed under this law.

fair housing act

2. Know Your Rights

As a homeowner or tenant, you have the right to fair treatment in the housing industry. This includes the right to apply for housing, sign a lease, and live in your home without discrimination.

3. Be Aware of Discrimination

Discrimination can come in many forms, including refusing to rent or sell a home, setting different terms or conditions, and providing different services or facilities. Be aware of these signs and report any discrimination you may experience.


4. Research Your Landlord or Property Manager

Before signing a lease, do some research on your landlord or property manager. Check their reputation and make sure they have a good track record of treating tenants fairly.

landlord research

5. Familiarize Yourself with Housing Standards

Make sure your home meets all housing standards and is safe to live in. This includes having working smoke detectors, proper ventilation, and safe electrical and plumbing systems.

housing standards

6. Keep Records

Keep records of any communication with your landlord or property manager, including emails, letters, and phone calls. This can be useful in the event of any disputes or legal action.

record keeping

7. Report Any Issues

If you experience any issues with your home or landlord, report them immediately. This can include issues with maintenance, repairs, or safety concerns.

report issues

8. Understand Your Lease

Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of your lease before signing it. This includes understanding your rent, security deposit, and any fees associated with your home.

lease agreement

9. Seek Legal Help if Needed

If you experience discrimination or any other issues with your home or landlord, seek legal help if needed. There are many organizations and resources available to help you.

legal help

10. Stay Informed

Stay up to date on fair housing laws and any changes that may occur. This can help you stay protected and informed as a homeowner or tenant.

stay informed