Moving with Little Ones: 8 Exciting Ways to Make the Journey Fun

Jul 31, 2023

Moving is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful, especially when you have little ones. Keeping kids entertained and happy during a long journey can be a challenge, but there are plenty of ways to make the journey fun for everyone.

1. Create a Travel Bucket List

Before you hit the road, sit down with your kids and create a travel bucket list. Ask them what they want to see and do on the journey, and make a plan to check off as many items as possible. This will give your kids something to look forward to and keep them engaged during the trip.


Print out a map of your route and mark off the places you visit. This will help your kids visualize the journey and keep track of where they've been.

travel games

2. Play Travel Games

There are plenty of travel games that can keep kids entertained for hours. Some classic options include I Spy, the License Plate Game, and 20 Questions. You can also bring along a deck of cards or a travel-sized board game.


Make sure to pack a few new games or activities that your kids haven't played before. This will add an extra element of excitement to the journey.

snacks for road trip

3. Pack Plenty of Snacks

No road trip is complete without plenty of snacks. Pack a variety of healthy and indulgent options to keep everyone satisfied. Some great options include fresh fruit, trail mix, and popcorn.


Bring along a small cooler to keep drinks and perishable snacks cold. This will save you from having to make frequent stops at convenience stores.

audio books for kids

4. Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great way to keep kids entertained during a long journey. Choose a book that the whole family will enjoy, and let your kids take turns controlling the volume and playback.


Consider choosing a book that ties into your travel destination. For example, if you're driving through the Southwest, choose a book about cowboys or Native American history.

road trip playlist

5. Create a Road Trip Playlist

Create a playlist of your family's favorite songs and sing along as you drive. You can also choose songs that tie into your travel destination or make a playlist of songs from different eras.


Let each family member take turns choosing a song for the playlist. This will give everyone a chance to share their favorite music.

road trip scavenger hunt

6. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt that ties into your travel destination. For example, if you're driving through the mountains, create a list of items to spot such as a waterfall, a deer, or a mountain peak.


Make sure to bring along a camera so you can document your finds. You can even create a scrapbook or photo album of your journey.

coloring books for kids

7. Bring Along Coloring Books and Crayons

Coloring books and crayons are a classic way to keep kids entertained during a long journey. Bring along a variety of coloring books and let your kids choose their favorites.


Consider bringing along a lap desk or clipboard to make coloring easier in the car.

stretching exercises for kids

8. Take Stretching Breaks

Sitting in a car for long periods of time can be tough on little bodies. Take regular stretching breaks to give your kids a chance to move around and burn off some energy.


Choose rest stops that have playgrounds or open spaces where your kids can run around. This will make the breaks more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

With a little creativity and planning, a long journey can be a fun and exciting adventure for the whole family. Try out these tips and see how much fun you can have on your next road trip!